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About Us

Neoplas has been operating since 2008. While we have started to produce plastic sheets in order to be used in vacuuming technology, we have increased the production variety and customer portfolio toward meeting market requirements.

Quality Policy

The key to our success comes from our ambition to accomplish the requirements of our client fast and economically without sacrificing quality.

For that purpose,
- our precision to respond demands in time,
- us pioneering pursuing and applying technological advancements in the world,
- our sensitivity for environment as we comply with quality management system conditionswill increase progressively.

Corporate Responsibility Policy

This policy is prepared for the purpose of complying with ethical rules that specify our corporate social responsibility principles regarding company interests, values, responsibilities and priorities and emphasizes seniority and importance of them both for administration, employees and all of our partners.

The principles that we base our social responsibility policies are as listed:

Corporate Social Responsibility Principles

1. Human Rights
1.1.Preventing Discrimination: We base our choices of employment on the skills needed for working. We cannot accept any kind of discrimination regarding language, race, sex, colour, political view, beliefs and religion, age, disability, social class, pregnancy or any of those kinds.
1.2. Providing Occupational Health and Safety: Our primal aim is to meet the requirements for occupational health and safety of all of our employees, take all the precautions against industrial accidents, providing a working environment got up to date and regularly upgraded with adequate equipment.

2. Working Conditions
2.1.Preventing Child Labour: No type of child labour is acceptable. The age limitation for the child employment by ILO (International Labour Organisation) is abided.
2.2. Wages and Social Services: The wages and social services are determined by taking the valid rules regarding minimum wage, overtime work and compulsory social services into consideration.
2.3. Preventing Forced and Compulsory Working: Forced and compulsory working is forbidden. None of our employees are working under any pressure or debt. Employees have the right to rescind in a proper time frame.

3. Work Ethic
3.1. Corruption and Self-Benefit Ban: Any type of corruption, bribing, blackmail and abuse is strictly forbidden. “Self-benefit” is described as gifts, tip or any kind of service with financial service. None of the employees or their relatives can have a financially beneficial relationship direct or indirectly with any of the supplier, rival or partner companies. None of the personnel can ask for a kind of labour from partnering companies free of charge for themselves or any of their relatives. The company information or products cannot be used or allowed to be used for self-benefit. The employee cannot accept any type of gift, money from anyone/corporate who works or wants to work with Neo Plas.
3.2. Discrimination Ban: Regardless of its type, it is forbidden to discriminate employees. This includes their language, race, sex, colour, political view, beliefs and religion, age, disability, social class, putting in a disadvantaged position due to pregnancy.
3.3. Disorderly Conduct Ban: It cannot be accepted to bring gun, explosives or flammable material; taking the consigned materials of the work environment out of the defined area without a written permission of the department manager; damaging the property of the company or the other employees’ on purpose; forgery, damage or misconduct of documents or records of the company or taking part in the doing so; being a member of illegal organisation.
3.4. Misconduct of Confidential Information Ban: All the employees must be aware of the fact that financial and business information related to Neo Plas is confidential. This kind of information cannot be talked about outside of the duty frame. All the occupational, business related, technical information that the employee has gained through their work and duty is classified as “confidential”. It is forbidden for the company personnel to share financial data, employee information, marketing strategy, technological information (know-how), customer and supplier information or any kind of information that can be detrimental to the company with the third parties without being authorised.

4. Environment
Preventing the Environmental Damage: In order to prevent the environmental damage and protect the nature, nature-friendly standards are defined and our employees are given proper training.

5. Responsibility and Implementation:
All of our managers and employees are responsible from our corporate social responsibility implementation.

Neo Plas employees have to declare when they learn or doubt violation of regulations to their chiefs, managers or human resources. Administration is the legal conductor of investing any kind of reported abuse right away. Neo Plas, bans retaliation against the reporters of abuse. The administration is determined to develop a culture that fosters openness, accountability and honesty.